Because the U.S, wine marketplace has become homogenized by industry consolidation; VineClub has created a software platform that allows digital marketing specialists to compliantly work with winemakers around the world and here at home.

Vineclub stands willing to support anyone in the industry if their goal is to return consumer choice to the United States wine market. For our part we have begun the “Grapes and Places” Initiative. Our hope is that by making small Noblewines available within the context of basic wine education we can lessen the consumer’s reliance on the Coke and Pepsi style brands and the “ratings” they use to market themselves.

In the United States, small businesses at each level of the wine industries “three tiered” regulatory structure can be benefited by choosing to participate with as it mates its patented order management software with’s “Grapes and Places” initiative.

Winemakers that are crafting higher quality wines must monitor their yield therefore producing less volume than the large retail chains require. This reality has the unfortunate effect of leaving many luxury wines “lost in the book” of their distributor or without distribution in key states.

For imports this condition is exacerbated by the inherent expenses of finding and introducing a wine into the geographically expansive US market where the winemaker’s production constraints limit the importers opportunity to scale. While Big 10 distribution people would prefer to provide their clients with the quality the smaller producers are capable of, it has become a necessity that they find high volume wine “products” that can standardize across their larger clients foot print.

Smaller regional distributors are even more negatively affected by this unfortunate set of circumstances. There are currently over 4000 registered wine distributors in the united states yet only 10 touched 85% of the wine US consumers purchased last year.

VineClub see’s this as an opportunity, not only for our winemaker clients but winemaler clients of any Importer or Brand manager that chooses to work with Sidecar Partners utilizing our “private ledger” brand mahagment software and Import capabilities. Our network of open minded and hungry distribution partners needs access to quality brands for their restaurant and wine store clients. is activly seeking quality wines that are representative of its Grapes and Places approach to teaching but freeely acknowledges we can never cover the globe on our own. We need our partners clients too. Because VineClub is aware that there is no way our can source all of the necessary invetory to fulfill the growing orderflow generated by its various educational marketing efforts; we creared the Sidecar private lefger platform to support our partners who have wines that are appropriate for the platform. As and others join the Grapes and Places initiative the effort to assure quality is available to consumers shopping with a clear grape and place preference is going to require a larger community of brand managers up for challengie.

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