Pietro Beconcini

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Leonardo and Eva Beconcini are the current stewards of this lovely property that lies in the town of San Miniato which is between Fiorenza and Piza. This area of Chianti is predominantly planted to Sangiovese, but there are other grapes planted and allowed. Some are indigenous, like Malvasia Nera, while others are interlopers like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and even the Beconcini's specialty, Tempranillo. Tempranillo seems strange here and doesn't make lots of sense. But Eva and Pietro have done the hard research and political work to prove the history of the grape in San Miniato. The history is based on the religious pilgrimages along the Via Francigena which passed the Beconcini Estate. The Via Francigena originated in Canterbury in England and in Santiago di Compostela in Spain. Hence the Tempranillo that may have been used as a barter at some point in the region. [L'Ame du Vin][1] [1]: http://fleursdumal.org/poem/192

Located in Toscana

Wines from Pietro Beconcini